This work comes from a deep desire to explore flora and fauna in realistic, imaginary and illustrious ways.  The work celebrates the essence of flight and song through a textural and mixed media approach to convey intimacy beyond beak and wing while inviting the viewer to come along on a fantastical journey.

*poem to nelumbo nucifera no.1 76x38cm

“Full of character, captivating, and life-expressive.  Joie’s work provides a visual journey across the world on the wings of a bird.  These paintings are infinitely more vibrant, though, than simple pictures of flora and fauna.  Each piece captures the essence of ultimate freedom -a bird in flight- and the pristine beauty inherent in the petals of nature’s ultimate vision of love: the flower.  Free and fragrant these paintings are imbued with all the emotion and awe of nature, as seen through the eyes of an artist that truly appreciates her surroundings.”   

~The Albuquerque Journal

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